When a dark heart and a romantic decide to mix words



Two writers brought together by a certain vampire and a love for each others work.….

Hello dears! JustWanderingNeverLost here, I’m embarking on another adventure and I hope all of you will join me, or more aptly, us! A few months ago SadLittleTiger from over on FF.net hit me up on tumblr to tell me how much she loved my writing. I was thrilled to say the least, for the compliment and to meet a fellow writer. I ran over to ff.net to read her stuff and was simply blown away!!  She is an amazing writer, I could go on and on about her. You’ll understand as soon as read her stuff. Go read her stuff, that’s an order, lol.

We began talking daily after that and were soon fast friends, laughing at ourselves and spilling secrets. Then she started dropping hints she wanted to write together. At first I was too afraid to pick them up, but couldn’t stop thinking about what it would be like to write with her. I always want to challenge myself and thought what the hell? She’s awesome, I’ll be challenged and probably learn tons from her. So hear we are! Littletiger-Neverlost

We’re super excited to be here and we hope you love our stories!

Happy reading! – SadLittleTiger and JustWanderingNeverLost



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